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Plants launches a new special issue on mangroves

Mangroves are considered to be among the world’s most threatened ecosystems. These transitional land-sea wetland forests dominate tropical/subtropical coasts all over the world and are essential for the maintenance of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, as well as for the functioning

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Origin and Evolution of Caribbean Mangroves

Mangroves are forested ecosystems living on intertidal coastal wetlands all over the tropics and subtropics, roughly between the parallels 25ºN and 25ºS. These communities are typically organized around a few dominant tree species, the mangrove-forming trees, and are transitional land-sea

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What is the most biodiverse tropical region?

According to a recent paper by Peter Raven and collaborators, the Neotropics is the most biodiverse tropical region in absolute terms, encompassing one third of global diversity, but Southeast Asia is proportionally richer if we consider its smaller area. Reference:

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Neotropical Diversification: Patterns and Processes

The book “Neotropical Diversification: Patterns and Processes”, edited by V. Rull and A. C. Carnaval, which will be issued in March 2020, can already be pre-ordered at the Springer website in Hardcover and eBook versions. This book provides a comprehensive

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New Springer book on neotropical diversification

The book proposal on neotropical diversification edited by V. Rull and A. Carnaval has been approved by Springer. The book will gather as many geographical settings, organism groups (including some rarely addressed in this context) and points of view as

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Book on the biodiversity of the “Lost World”

The famous novel of Arthur Conan Doyle entitled “The Lost World” was inspired by the remote, enigmatic and still pristine flat summits of the neotropical table mountains known as the Guayana Highlands (GH), whose unique, diverse and largely endemic biota

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