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Plants launches a new special issue on mangroves

Mangroves are considered to be among the world’s most threatened ecosystems. These transitional land-sea wetland forests dominate tropical/subtropical coasts all over the world and are essential for the maintenance of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, as well as for the functioning

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Origin and Evolution of Caribbean Mangroves

Mangroves are forested ecosystems living on intertidal coastal wetlands all over the tropics and subtropics, roughly between the parallels 25ºN and 25ºS. These communities are typically organized around a few dominant tree species, the mangrove-forming trees, and are transitional land-sea

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A new perspective on the origin of Neotropical mangroves

Mangroves are forested ecosystems that dominate tropical and subtropical coasts all over the world. Currently, these ecosystems are thought to have originated in the Cretaceous, on the coasts of the former Tethys Sea, and evolved into divergent Paleotropical and Neotropical

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