The Journal

I am Editor-in-Chief of Quaternary, an international open-access journal that covers all aspects of Quaternary science, embracing the whole range of scientific fields related to geological, geographical, biological, physical, chemical, environmental and human sciences. Quaternary aims to be a high-quality, multidisciplinary and influential journal in the field, for which we have assembled a high-quality Editorial Board covering the wide range of Quaternary disciplines.

Manuscript submission is already open. We accept papers of different types with no limits on space, figures and color (see the author’s instructions). Publication charges are waived for the first three years in order to stimulate potential authors to contribute. More details are available in the journal website, where the inaugural editorial paper can be read and downloaded.

You can also check out our special issues and submit a manuscript and/or propose a new topic to be considered for a special issue.

A new topical collection called Palaeoinsights has been launched, submit your essay or opinion paper.

Why publish in Quaternary?

  • Open access
  • No space limit
  • Free color figures
  • Publication charges waived until 2019

For more information, contact the Editor-in-Chief or the Editorial Office.