PALAB was funded in 2008, at the Botanic Institute of Barcelona (IBB-CSIC), under the name “Palynology and Paleoecology”. In 2015, we moved to the Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera (ICTJA-CSIC) and the name was modified to simply “Paleoecology”. In a nutshell, we use palynology and related disciplines to address paleoecological, paleoclimatic and evolutionary issues. Visit the homepage of this web for more detailed information. We also provide services as for example chemical treatment of samples, pollen analysis and more, see the PALAB service webpage for more information.

Current PALAB members

Valentí Rull. Senior Researcher (Head)

Encarni Montoya. Postdoc Researcher

Erik de Boer. Postdoc Researcher

Núria Cañellas. Senior Technician

Mari C. Trapote. PhD Researcher

Arnau López. Undergraduate Student

Núria Montull. Undergraduate Student















Past members (alphabetic order)

  • Tania Ballesteros
  • Sandra Garcés
  • Esther García
  • Arantza Lara
  • Julià López-Vila
  • Alex Muñoz
  • Sandra Nogué
  • Jordi Pedra
  • Elisabet Safont
  • Irantzu Seco