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Lake Montcortès: four centuries of hemp retting for the Spanish Army

The Spanish Army, one of the most powerful navies of the Modern Age and a major agent of imperial expansion, relied on large-scale hemp cultivation and retting for the manufacture of ropes and sails The genetic identification of specific retting

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Cannabis origin, evolution and domestication

In a paper that is about to be published in the journal Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, the origin, early dispersal, human domestication and anthropogenic diffusion of Cannabis are reviewed and discussed. According to DNA phylogenies, Cannabis diverged

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New Springer book on the prehistory of Easter Island

Springer has approved the publication of a new book entitled The Prehistory of Easter Island (Rapa Nui): Towards a Multidisciplinary Integrative Framework, edited by Valentí Rull and Christopher M. Stevenson. The book is aimed at presenting representative papers from a

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From my window…

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Fake authorship

This is pasted from a recent PNAS paper. It would seem an extreme example bu this is not unusual in papers with far less authors… I can only say: Come on! Author contributions: J.W.F.S. and J.F. designed research; J.W.F.S. and

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Help Catalonia

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The best acknowledgement I ever received…

“And I want to give special thanks to those scientists, researchers and naturalists out there who unawaredly have inspired me to learn more, understand more, think out of the box, triggering my imagination about the mysteries of nature yet to

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