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The extinction of science

The current revival of Bernalism and the use of market-based scientific practices are undermining science as we know it. Read the full paper at: Rull, V. 2016. Free science under threat. EMBO Reports, 17: 131-135.

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My three pandemic books

Since the declaration of the COVID19 pandemic and the implementation of the corresponding lockdown measures, I have had to work at home, just as many inhabitants of the planet. Fortunately, part of my job is to write scientific publications and

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New book on Quaternary Ecology, Evolution and Biogeography

A new book entitled “The Quaternary: Ecology and Evolution with Glaciations” has been approved last week by Elsevier-Academic Press and will be published in 2020. The book is intended for a wide audience including researchers, teachers, graduate students and people

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Who is the author of your paper? Honestly

Usually, a photograph has a single author, that of the person who actually took the photo. For example, the below picture would say: Photo by PL. The same is true for a painting, a symphony or a novel, even for

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Antropoceno para todos

Acaba de salir el libro de divulgación sobre el ‘Antropoceno‘, donde trato de dar al gran público una visión objetiva sobre el tema para que cada quien pueda formarse una opinión propia y no tenga que creer todo lo que

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Promising breaking research…

An interesting paper on breaking research to be sent to your funding agency tohether with your next proposal. Gravem S et al (2017) Transformative research is not easily predictable. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32, 825-834.

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Effective science writing

Be honest. Think why you write, how and for whom. If your aim is fame and glory, you’d better move to best-seller novels. If your objective is to assemble an amazing cv to attain personal prestige and recognition, keep doing

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