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What is the most biodiverse tropical region?

According to a recent paper by Peter Raven and collaborators, the Neotropics is the most biodiverse tropical region in absolute terms, encompassing one third of global diversity, but Southeast Asia is proportionally richer if we consider its smaller area. Reference:

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The Earth is flat for climate modelers

Did you know that? Modelers don’t stop surprising us!!! If you find this hard to believe, read the paper by Michael J. Prather and Juno C. Hsu, from the University of California, which has recently been published in the Proceedings

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The Azores Islands were populated a century and a half before their official colonization

In our latest paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews, we provide sound evidence for agriculture and livestock farming in the São Miguel Island by 1290, about a century and a half prior to its official settlement. The most accepted date

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