‘Quaternary’ is open for submissions

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the launching of a new open-access journal called “Quaternary” covering all aspects of Quaternary science. “Quaternary” aims to be a high-quality, multidisciplinary and influential journal in the field, for which we have assembled a high-quality Editorial Board covering the wide range of Quaternary disciplines.

Manuscript submission is already open. We accept papers of different types with no limits on space, figures and color. Publication charges are waived for the first three years in order to stimulate potential authors to contribute. More details are available in the “Quaternary” website, where the inaugural editorial can be read and downloaded.

I encourage you to send manuscripts and share this invitation with your colleagues, and  I remain open to any comments and questions you may have. Look forward to seeing your work published in “Quaternary”.

Thank you very much and best wishes,

Valentí Rull, Editor-in-Chief (vrull@mdpi.com)

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Video on the paleoecological study of a Pyrenean lake with annually-laminated sediments covering the last millennia

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The inaugural editorial of the new journal ‘Quaternary’ has been published

In a former post, I introduced the new open-access journal named Quaternary, of which I am the Editor-in-Chief. Now I am glad to announce the publication of the first paper of the journal, which is the inaugural editorial. In this paper, entitled Quaternary – a multidisciplinary integrative journal to cope with a complex world, I briefly summarize the special character of the Quaternary period and provide the major guidelines of the journal, as well as some aspects regarding editorial policy and ethics. The paper can be read and freely downloaded at the journal website and the abstract is provided below. The first official issue of Quaternary is projected by spring 2018. Manuscript submission is already open in the online submission system.


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The best acknowledgement I ever received…

“And I want to give special thanks to those scientists, researchers and naturalists out there who unawaredly have inspired me to learn more, understand more, think out of the box, triggering my imagination about the mysteries of nature yet to be understood: Valentí Rull, Colin Hughes, Richard Field, Rob Colwell, Mark Lomolino and Rob Whittaker”.

From the PhD dissertation of Suzette Flantua: “Climate Change and Topography as Drivers of Latin American Biome Dynamics” (University of Amsterdam, June 2017).

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A new open-access journal on Quaternary science

Valentí Rull has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief of the new open-access journal called Quaternary published by MDPI publishers based on Basel (Switzerland). MDPI publishes ca. 180 open-access journals, a number of which are listed in the WOS Journal Citation Reports with relatively high impact indices, notably Genes (3.600), Nutrients (3.550), Marine Drugs (3.503), Viruses (3.465), Polymers (3.364), Molecular Sciences (3.226), Remote Sensing (3.244), Catalysts (3.082) or Toxins (3.030), among others.

Quaternary (ISSN 1324) is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal that covers all aspects of Quaternary Science, embracing the whole range of scientific fields related to geological, geographical, biological, physical, chemical, environmental and human sciences. The journal publishes research articles, reviews, communications, technical notes and essays. There is no restriction on the length of the papers and authors are encouraged to publish their results in as much detail as possible. Topics will include, among others, geology, physical geography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology, biogeography, evolution, archaeology, palaeoanthopology, methods, applications, “Anthropocene” issues and palaeoinsights.

At present, Quaternary is defining the detailed aims and scope, developing the journal’s website and preparing the launching strategy. Simultaneously, it is assembling a first-class editorial team formed by a body of Associate Editors and an Editorial Advisory Board including top researchers in their respective areas. To date (24 July 2017), the following scholars have accepted to be appointed as members of this editorial organization:

Associate Editors – Mariano Barriendos (Spain), Peter Bobrowsky (Canada), Sanne Boessenkool (Norway), Jane Bunting (UK), John Clague (Canada), Steve Forman (USA), Sandy Harrison (UK), Philip Hughes (USA), Claudio Latorre (Chile), Socorro Lozano (Mexico), Marco Madella (Spain), Laura Parducci (Sweden), Dolores Piperno (USA), Mª Fernanda Sánchez-Goñi (France), Jean-Pierre Suc (France), Rafaelle Sardella (Italia) and Charles Turner (UK).

Editorial Advisory Board – Anthony Barnosky (USA), Svante Björck (Sweden), Anne Bjune (Norway), Maarten Blaauw (Netherlands), Raymond Bradley (USA), Mark Bush (USA), Erle Ellis (USA), Sherilyn Fritz (USA), Bas van Geel (Netherlands), Eric Grimm (USA), Martin Head (Canada), Henry Hooghiemstra (Netherlands), José Iriarte (UK), Peter Kershaw (Australia), Henry Lamb (UK), Kam-biu Liu (USA), David Lowe (New Zealand), Donatella Magri (Italia), Robert Marchant (UK), Vera Markgraf (USA), Leszeck Marks (Poland), Francis Mayle (UK), Anders Noren (USA), Gavin Prideaux (Australia), Paula Reimer (UK), Hans Renssen (Norway), Neil Roberts (UK), Richard Roberts (Australia), Donald Rodbell (USA), Ashok Singhvi (India), Nathan Stansell (USA), John Stewart (UK), Jens-Christian Svenning (Denmark), Cathy Whitlock (USA) and Kathy Willis (UK).

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Welcome to the new islanders!

We are delighted to welcome the two new members who will be soon incorporated to our research group. Erik de Boer is a Dutch palynologist who obtained his PhD in the Univesity of Amsterdam working on the paleoecology of the Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean). Recently, Erik obtained a two-year Juan de la Cierva postoc contract to be incorporated to our group, where he will work on the palynology and paleoecology of the Azores Islands (North Atlantic). His incorporation is projected by Spetember this year. Núria Cañellas Boltà obtained her PhD in the University of Barcelona working on the palynology and paleoecology of Easter Island (South Pacific). She has recently been selected for a position of laboratory technician and she will be in charge of our Laboratory of Paleoecology (PALAB) at the Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera (ICTJA-CSIC). Núria was already part of our goup in the past and now is working as a postdoc researcher at the University of Barcelona. We hope that she will start with us again by early 2018.


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