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Lake Montcortès: four centuries of hemp retting for the Spanish Army

The Spanish Army, one of the most powerful navies of the Modern Age and a major agent of imperial expansion, relied on large-scale hemp cultivation and retting for the manufacture of ropes and sails The genetic identification of specific retting

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The Caribbean mangroves: climatic, eustatic and anthropogenic drivers of ecological change

Mangroves are among the world’s most threatened ecosystems. Understanding how these ecosystems responded to past natural and anthropogenic drivers of ecological change is essential not only for understanding how extant mangroves have been shaped but also for informing their conservation.

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Get off of my cloud!

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What do Easter Island, the Pyrenees and the Caribbean have in common?

This year, I have published a book on the prehistory of Easter Island, coedited with Christopher Stevenson, from the Virginia Commonwealth University (USA). The book has been issued by Springer Nature and is a collection of selected papers on the

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Cannabis entered the Iberian Peninsula well before its domestication

A study shows that Cannabis entered the Iberian Peninsula in its wild form during the Upper Paleolithic and underwent two further introduction waves, one in the Neolithic and another in the Middle Ages, likely in cultivated forms The main routes

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