The best news of the year

The fourth annual edition of the 2% world’s most-cited scientists, also known as the Stanford ranking, has just been published. For the fourth consecutive year, I am listed in this ranking, this time within the top 0.5%.

The index on which this classification is based (c) differs from the classic h-index in that it excludes self-citations and takes into account the number of authors and their position in the authorship, which eliminates self-propaganda and minimizes fake authorship. This ranking has two versions, one that considers the entire career of a researcher and another that measures the most recent impact, that of the last year.

In the general whole-career ranking, I am within the top 0.6%, considering a population of approximately 8 million scientists estimated to exist in the world. In the specialty of paleontology, I am in the 125th position, out of a total of more than 15,500. For the most recent year evaluated (2021), I am in the top 0.5% of the general ranking and the 66th place within the specialty. In my discipline, palynology, I am in the 13th world position considering the entire career and the 7th for the year 2021.

This is good news, for sure, but this has not been, by far, the best news of the year. The best of all has been the birth (one month ago) of my first granddaughter, Olivia, who gives meaning to the rest of my life.

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