A new special issue on forest succession

The journal Forests (JIF 2.364, Q1) is launching a new special issue (SI) entitled Forest Succession: Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Ecological Change. The main aim of this SI is to provide an overview of forest successional processes and their main external forcings under a wide spatiotemporal perspective.

The study of forest succession may help to disentangle the effects of natural (climatic) and anthropogenic factors on forested ecosystems, which can be helpful in terms of anticipating future successional trajectories and informing forest conservation.

Biogeographically, all biomes are considered, from coasts to high elevations and from tropical to near-polar latitudes. Chronologically, any temporal scale is contemplated, from short-term ecological studies on living forests to millennial-scale paleoecological surveys using a variety of proxies for forest and environmental reconstruction.

The SI is already open for submission and the deadline for manuscript submission is 30 November 2022. Check the SI website for more information.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in submitting a manuscript or have any additional questions.

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