The Elsevier book on the paleoecology of Easter Island already published!

Editorial summary. This book synthesizes the available paleoecological knowledge from the last millennia of Easter Island to pave the way towards an integrated interdisciplinary vision of the island’s environmental-ecological-cultural system as a complex functional unit. Human and environmental deterministic views are avoided, and the Easter Island prehistory is analyzed under a holistic perspective of feedbacks and synergies among the different components of the system. The book examines the Easter lsland’s climatic and ecological history, a topic that is not usually addressed in other literature on the island. The book provides a thorough and synthetic account of all paleoecological works developed to date including the latest discoveries. Finally, it attempts to match paleoecological evidence with the results of other disciplines, in the way towards a multidisciplinary framework. The thorough and detailed view of the climatic, environmental and ecological history of the island provided by the book makes it a useful resource for researchers, university professors and graduate students of a varied range of disciplines including ecology, paleoecology, paleoclimatology, biogeography, sedimentology, limnogeology and others who are interested in incorporating paleoecological knowledge in their investigations.

Download the front matter with the table of contents and the introduction for more information.


Rull, V. 2020. Paleoecological Research on Easter Island: Insights on Settlement, Climate Changes, Deforestation and Cultural Shifts. Elsevier, Amsterdam. ISBN 978-0-12-822727-5.

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