New Springer book on the prehistory of Easter Island

Springer has approved the publication of a new book entitled The Prehistory of Easter Island (Rapa Nui): Towards a Multidisciplinary Integrative Framework, edited by Valentí Rull and Christopher M. Stevenson.

The book is aimed at presenting representative papers from a range of research fields (anthropology, archaeology, ethnobotany, ethnography, history, linguistics, paleoecology, phylogenetics, phylogeography), in order to provide a thorough interdisciplinary assessment of Easter Island’s prehistory. The main idea is to offer as many different approaches and points of view as possible for the reader to have a fairly complete vision of the state of the art in Easter Island research and the possible future developments.

The book will have 40 chapters written by 90 researchers including many of the most recognized experts on Easter Island research. These chapters are organized into six thematic sections:

  • Transpacific voyaging and settlement
  • The ancient Rapanui culture
  • Climatic and environmental change
  • Deforestation and extinctions
  • Collapse or resilience?
  • European contact

A final chapter will provide a multidisciplinary synthesis considering all aspects and approaches discussed in the book. For more information, download the preliminary table of contents. The book is projected to be issued by fall 2021.


Don’t forget the Elsevier book about the paleoecology of Easter Island, to be published in September this year. Reference: Rull, V. 2020. Paleoecological Research on Easter Island: Insights on Settlement, Climatic Changes, Deforestation and Cultural Change. Elsevier, Amsterdam. ISBN 9780128227275.

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