Quaternary Ecology, Evolution and Biogeography

The book “Quaternary Ecology, Evolution and Biogeography” by V. Rull, which will be issued in March 2020, can already be pre-ordered at the Elsevier website.

This book is an introduction to the study of the ecological and evolutionary processes that have shaped our present biosphere under the influence of glacial-interglacial cycles. The book reviews the climactic changes that have occurred during the last million years, along with the responses of organisms and ecosystems, and offers an understanding of the evolutionary origin of extant biodiversity, its biogeographical patterns and the composition of modern ecological communities. In addition, it explores human evolution and the influence of our activities on the biosphere, especially in the last millennia, and offers the latest information on how studying the past can contribute to our understanding of present climate issues for a better future. The book is intended for a wide audience, including researchers and students in natural sciences.


  • Climate: Continuous variability and impact on the earth system
  • Organisms: Adaption, extinction and biogeographical reorganizations
  • Biodiversity: Diversification or impoverishment?
  • Communities: Adjustments, innovations and revolutions
  • Humans: Settlement and humanization of the planet
  • The future: Natural cycles and human interference

Reference: Rull, V. 2020. Quaternary Ecology, Evolution and Biogeography. Elsevier/Academic Press, London. ISBN 9780128204733.

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