New book on Quaternary Ecology, Evolution and Biogeography

A new book entitled “The Quaternary: Ecology and Evolution with Glaciations” has been approved last week by Elsevier-Academic Press and will be published in 2020.

The book is intended for a wide audience including researchers, teachers, graduate students and people interested on how the study of the past can contribute to understand our present biosphere and help predicting its future. The language is affordable for a wide range of readers and the more specialized terms and concepts are explained for a better understanding. The book is subdivided into six chapters, with an introduction and an epilogue, and is profussely illustrated, with 100 full-color figures.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Climate: Continuous Variability and Impact on the Earth System
  3. The Organisms: Adaptation, Extinction and Spatial Reorganizations
  4. The Biodiversity: Diversification or Impoverishment?
  5. The Communities: Adjustements, Innovations and Revolutions
  6. The Humans: Occupation and Humanization of the Planet
  7. The future: Natural Cycles and Human Interference
  8. Epilog: The Missing Link between Ecology and Evolution


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