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Curso de postgrado sobre las bases científicas del Antropoceno

El Departamento de Postgrado y Especialización del CSIC abre un nuevo curso titulado: El Antropoceno: bases científicas, que tendrá lugar entre el 15 de enero y el 15 de febrero de 2019, en el Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra

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Tune of the week

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A holistic view of Easter Island’s history

CLAFS (Cimate-Landscape-Anthropogenic Feedbacks and Synergies) is a hypothesis integrating natural and anthropogenic drivers of ecological and cultural change aimed at unraveling Easter Island’s history under a holistic perspective Our latest paper paper reviews the existing hypotheses concerning the cultural shift

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Quaternary palaeoinsights open for submission

The journal Quaternary launches a new Topical Collection entitled Palaeoinsights, which aim is to provido a forum for essays and opinion papers on topics of interest for the science of Quaternary and for palaeosciences, in general. This collection is aimed

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Very simple yes-and-no questions about the Anthropocene

Have humans changed the configuration and functioning of the Earth System? Yes. Should we change our relationships with our planet to be sustainable? Yes. Should we stop overexploitation, contamination and garbage accumulation at once? Yes. Should we change the global

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Who is the author of your paper? Honestly

Usually, a photograph has a single author, i.e. the person who actually took the photo. For example, the below picture would say: Photo by PL. The same is true for a painting, a symphony or a novel, even for past

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Special issue on Quaternary fluvial system evolution

The journal Quaternary launches a new Special Issue entitled “Special External Effects on Fluvial System Evolution” edited by  Jef Vandenberghe (Vrije University, The Netherlands), David Bridgland (Durham University, UK) and Xianyang Wan (Nanjing University, China). Rivers are excellent witnesses of the

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Antropoceno para todos

Acaba de salir el libro de divulgación sobre el ‘Antropoceno‘, donde trato de dar al gran público una visión objetiva sobre el tema para que cada quien pueda formarse una opinión propia y no tenga que creer todo lo que

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Fake authorship

This is pasted from a recent PNAS paper. It would seem an extreme example bu this is not unusual in papers with far less authors… I can only say: Come on! Author contributions: J.W.F.S. and J.F. designed research; J.W.F.S. and

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