Quaternary palaeoinsights open for submission

The journal Quaternary launches a new Topical Collection entitled Palaeoinsights, which aim is to provido a forum for essays and opinion papers on topics of interest for the science of Quaternary and for palaeosciences, in general.

This collection is aimed at encouraging open and constructive conceptual discussion on important topics in Quaternary science. The main objectives are to progress towards agreement on controversial issues, to introduce new unconventional approaches to existing problems, to find novel pathways of scientific progress, and to enhance the scope of Quaternary research as the basis for a more integrative view of our discipline within the framework of earth sciences. Historical and philosophical insights on Quaternary science and palaeosciences, in general, are also relevant. Authors may want to think not only about the scientific practice itself but also on why we do it and why we do it in the way we do. This transcends our routine activities and stimulates introspection on ourselves as science practitioners and also on the meaning of our discipline in the general context of knowledge generation. Potential impacts of Quaternary research on society, in the form of practical applications or cultural improvement—including formal education, popularization or policy making—are matters of interest as well. The main topics suggested are listed below but contacting the editor for additional proposals is encouraged.

Suggested topics

  • Opinions on controversial topics
  • Novel perspectives and unconventional approaches to persistent problems
  • Current challenges of Quaternary research
  • Philosophical issues involving the Quaternary
  • Peculiarities of Quaternary science
  • History of Quaternary research
  • The future of Quaternary science
  • Research careers in Quaternary science
  • Teaching the Quaternary
  • Quaternary science and society
  • Popularization of Quaternary science
  • Quaternary science and future environmental change
  • Contribution of Quaternary research to policies and regulations

For more information, click here or contact the editor. Submissions here.

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