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Quaternary palaeoinsights open for submission

The journal Quaternary launches a new Topical Collection entitled Palaeoinsights, which aim is to provido a forum for essays and opinion papers on topics of interest for the science of Quaternary and for palaeosciences, in general. This collection is aimed

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Very simple yes-and-no questions about the Anthropocene

Have humans changed the configuration and functioning of the Earth System? Yes. Should we change our relationships with our planet to be sustainable? Yes. Should we stop overexploitation, contamination and garbage accumulation at once? Yes. Should we change the global

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Who is the author of your paper? Honestly

Usually, a photograph has a single author, i.e. the person who actually took the photo. For example, the below picture would say: Photo by PL. The same is true for a painting, a symphony or a novel, even for past

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