A special issue on laminated lake sediments is on the way

The open-access journal Quaternary has launched a new special issue entitled ‘Laminated Lake Sediments‘ edited by Profs. Bernd Zolitschka (Univ. Bremen, Germany) and Wojciech Tylmann (Univ. Gdańsk, Poland). Submissions are open until October 31, 2018.

The overall goal of this Special Issue of Quaternary is to explore and evaluate the potential of annually-laminated lake sediments (varves) from diverse lacustrine settings. They provide high-resolution sedimentary records with precise incremental time control in calendar years and offer time-series of biological, isotopic, geochemical and sedimentological parameters. Their analysis provides (1) climate reconstructions linked to hydroclimatic conditions and temperature, (2) information on natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, and (3) increase our understanding of anthropogenic impacts, such as soil erosion, pollution and eutrophication. Varves document frequencies and rates of change for environmentally relevant processes and enhance our understanding of sedimentary processes when applied together with sediment trapping and instrumental monitoring.

This Special Issue of Quaternary aims to present the diversity within the field and the state-of-the-art research on lake varves at all timescales and environments. It seeks to display a wide range of regional studies and methodological approaches, such as field and laboratory experiments, monitoring, image analysis and numerical modelling. We welcome manuscripts related to climate reconstruction, human impact and environmental monitoring, as well as improvements in geochronology and analytical techniques.

Click here for more information.

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