Overloaded? How to make days of more than 24 hours

Many people who permanently feel stressed because it is unable to fulfill their working commitments believe that this is due to the lack of time and uses to ask for days of more than 24 hours.

I know two ways of doing so:

Option 1. Slow Earth’s rotation so one day has, say, 30 hours. Besides the obvious difficulty of such a task, there are several drawbacks. I am not an astronomer and I am not aware of the potential physical consequences, though I can imagine that they might be dramatic. But as a biologist, I know that, if such slowing occurs suddenly, that is, in less than a million years, most plants would die as they are adapted to the current circadian rhythm and an abrupt shift in it would prevent them to reproduce. As plant’s primary production is the first step of the trophic web on Earth, life would become impossible.

Option 2. Redefine time units so that an hour has, for example, 48 minutes instead of 60. In this way, a day will have the desired 30 hours. The problem is that the amount of work you can accommodate in such a devaluated hour is 20% less than in a standard hour of 60 minutes. Therefore, there is no gain in having more hours per day, under the current astronomical status.

So, we’d better stay with the standard 24-hour day and don’t take more workload than we can honestly afford, if we want to get the work well done on time and with no stress. We are plenty of time for being both successful and happy, let’s take advantage of it!

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