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A really old wine!

A recent PNAS paper reports molecular traces of a 6000-year old wine in the Caucasus region. The discovery was made by researchers of several American and European institutions on large jars reconstructed from pottery fragments found in newly excavated Neolithic

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Special issue on Quaternary mammalian fossil record

The open-access journal Quaternary has launched a new special issue entitled ‘Advances in Quaternary studies: the contribution of mammalian fossil record’ edited by Prof. Maria Rita Palombo, from the Sapienza University of Rome. Submissions are open until May 31, 2018.

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Overloaded? How to make days of more than 24 hours

Many people who permanently feel stressed because it is unable to fulfill their working commitments believe that this is due to the lack of time and uses to ask for days of more than 24 hours. I know two ways

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