Book on the biodiversity of the “Lost World”

northern-saThe famous novel of Arthur Conan Doyle entitled “The Lost World” was inspired by the remote, enigmatic and still pristine flat summits of the neotropical table mountains known as the Guayana Highlands (GH), whose unique, diverse and largely endemic biota has warranted the definition of a peculiar biogeographical province of the Neotropical realm called Pantepui. Click here to see a video on the GH.

roraima-2A couple of weeks ago, Elsevier Academic Press, one of the most renowned scientific editorials, contacted me to write a book on biodiversity and I suggested to focus on the origin and conservation of the unique Pantepui biodiversity. Elsevier found the idea fascinating and now we are in the process of assembling a book proposal to be submitted for approval.

The book will be a compendium of scientific papers on the current GH biodiversity patterns, their origin, maintenance and conservation, from a biogeographical, ecological and evolutionary perspective. I managed to assemble an editorial team conformed by Teresa Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Otto Huber, Celsa Señaris and myself, to cover a wide range of fields such as biogeography, botany, zoology, conservation, ecology, paleoecology and evolution. We estimate to have a final proposal in a month or so.

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