Current research interests

  • Ecological responses to climate change
  • Climate-vegetation-human feedbacks and synergies
  • Quaternary ecology, evolution and biogeography
  • Origin of Neotropical biodiversity and endemism
  • Human settlement of remote islands
  • Anthropization of mountain landscapes
  • Cannabis in the paleoecological record
  • The “Anthropocene” epoch

Study areas


  • The extinction of science (not new but worth remembering)… read more
  • Montcortès: a unique Mediterranean paleoecological record of the last 3000 years… read more
  • Some high-elevation Pyrenean forests remained virtually pristine during the last 4000 years… read more
  • My lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the publication of three books issued by renowned international publishers (Elsevier/Academic Press and Springer Nature)… read more