Specific research topics

True long-term ecology; Quaternary as the ecology-evolution interface; biotic responses to environmental change; climate-vegetation-human feedbacks and synergies; high-resolution paleoecological records of the last millennia; human settlement of remote islands; anthropization of mountain landscapes; integrative paleoecological/archaeological/historical studies; the “Anthropocene” as a geological epoch; macrorefugia and microrefugia; origin of tropical biodiversity and endemism patterns; orogin and evolution of Neotropical mangroves; Cannabis evolution and domestication; biostratigraphy/ecostratigraphy; paleoecological applications to conservation/restoration; mass extinctions and the present biodiversity crisis; biological evolution and physical reductionism; inductive prediction in biology; epistemology; science and society

Specific study areas

Orinoco-Amazon basins (northern Andes, Orinoco delta, Pantepui lost world, Gran Sabana); Caribbean region (coastal ecosystems); western Mediterranean (Iberian Peninsula, Pyrenees); Oceanic islands (Azores, Easter Island); supraregional/worldwide: Global (Anthropocene, Cannabis, oceanic islands, mass extinctions, long-term ecology), Tropical (biodiversity/endemism origins, mangrove evolution), Mediterranean (high-resolution records)