Position – senior researcher
Research topics – ecology, evolution, biogeography
  • True long-term ecology
  • Quaternary as the ecology-evolution interface
  • Biotic responses to environmental change
  • Climate-vegetation-human feedbacks and synergies
  • High-resolution paleoecological records of the last millennia
  • Human settlement of remote islands
  • Anthropization of mountain landscapes
  • Integrative paleoecological/archaeological/historical studies
  • The “Anthropocene” as a geological epoch
  • Macrorefugia and microrefugia
  • Origin of tropical biodiversity and endemism patterns
  • Evolution of Neotropical mangroves
  • Cannabis evolution and domestication
  • Biostratigraphy/ecostratigraphy
  • Paleoecological applications to conservation/restoration
  • Mass extinctions and the present biodiversity crisis
  • Biological evolution and physical reductionism
  • Inductive prediction in biology
  • Epistemology
  • Science and society
Study areas – tropical/subtropical/temperate coastal to highland ecosystems
  • Orinoco-Amazon basins (northern Andes, Orinoco delta, Pantepui lost world, Gran Sabana)
  • Caribbean region (coastal ecosystems)
  • Western Mediterranean (Iberian Peninsula, Pyrenees)
  • Oceanic islands (Azores, Easter Island)
  • Supraregional/worldwide: Global (Anthropocene, Cannabis, oceanic islands, mass extinctions, long-term ecology), Tropical (biodiversity/endemism origins, mangrove evolution), Mediterranean (high-resolution records)