About me

Research interests

  • Biotic responses to climate change
  • Climate-vegetation-human interactions
  • Quaternary ecology, evolution and biogeography
  • Origin of Neotropical biodiversity and endemism

Study areas

  • Orinoco lowlands and delta
  • Guiana region: Pantepui (video), Gran Sabana (video
  • Northern South American Caribbean coasts
  • Tropical and temperate mountains: Andes, Pyrenees (video)
  • Oceanic Islands: Azores (video), Easter Island (video)

Current projects

  • LACEN – Sentinel Lakes of Global Change in National Parks: A Multidisciplinary Analysis over the last 6000 years. Funded by the Autonomous Organism of National Parks, Spain (OAPN-24505). PI: Teresa Vegas (BEECA, University of Barcelona, Spain).
  • DiscoverAZORES – When Were the Azores Really Colonized? A High-Resolution Paleolimnological Approach. Funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation, Portugal (02/SAICT/2017-28511). PI: Pedro Raposeiro (CIBIO-InBIO, University of Azores, Portugal).

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